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Our coffee is sourced from all over the world. We work with green coffee importers to sample and select only the highest quality speciality-grade coffee beans. 

The art of coffee roasting is finding the precise roast level and temperature for each coffee...attempting to bring out the unique flavor profile of that particular origin. 


Traditionally, coffee is roasted in drum roasters. Drum roasters produce some great coffee. However, they are complicated machines with very little monitoring capabilities. Oftentimes drum roasters leave coffee with a burnt and bitter taste. We want you to taste the coffee, not the roaster. At Dry Stack, we use an air roasting process that allows you to taste only the coffee. Our air-roasted coffee is bright, smooth, mellow and never ever bitter.

Air-roasting is the perfect marriage of art and science. The art is finding the right temperature and roast level for each unique coffee. This is a trial and error process. Once the precise temperature and roast level are found, we turn it over to science. Our roasting equipment allows us to target and hit the exact same roast over and over again. By monitoring precise temperatures and roast times we ensure that your coffee will always taste the same every time you order it.


Yeah, we know, "local" is a trendy buzz word. But, we wanted to convey our commitment to the Danville area. We love our little town. We love it so much we wanted to make sure everyone had access to great coffee.


We roast in small batches. When your order pops up in our inbox, we start roasting. We don't roast huge batches and have a large inventory sitting around getting stale. Freshness is our priority.


Single origin refers to where your coffee is grown. One coffee, from one farm, in one country. Almost every coffee you buy in a store is a blend of coffee from several origins. When you have a single origin, you really get to appreciate the subtle nuances and flavors that are specific to a location.