Our philosophy is that everyone should have access to the highest quality coffee in the world...freshly roasted. So many times, the only coffee that is readily accessible is what is sitting on the shelf at your local grocery store. Most of the time, these coffees are months old. Coffee is at its best when it's consumed as close to roasting as possible.

In addition, we've made it our mission to seek out the most unique coffee flavors from all over the world and get it in your cup days after roasting. We want to take you on a journey around the world to taste the coffees that so many farmers work so hard to produce. Coffees from around the world have such diverse flavors. Taste the fruitiness of an Ethiopian coffee and the brightness of a Costa Rican coffee and you'll see what we mean. As we discover new coffees, we will offer a constant rotation of the best of what we sample. 

We know how you feel about coffee. A really good cup of coffee is that moment of paradise in your daily routine. Maybe it's a steaming hot cup in a quiet house before the sun comes up and the busyness of the day begins. Maybe it's that mug you curl up with on the couch when you put the baby down for his morning nap after a long night of up and down. Or maybe it's the cup you pour to go along with that favorite dessert your wife made to go with dinner.

Most people don't know how great a cup of fresh coffee can taste. Want to taste what all the fuss is about? We have two ways to enjoy our coffee. Purchase by the bag and we will roast your coffee to order and get it out to you. Want to ensure that you get that fresh taste every morning? Our subscription service is for you! Set up a subscription and we'll deliver fresh roasted beans on a set schedule. You'll never be without fresh coffee!

If you happen to live here in beautiful Danville, Kentucky...you're in luck! We'll deliver it personally to your door...free of charge! Don't live around here? We're happy to ship!