We get asked all the time for our recommendations on coffee gear. While no one piece of gear can replace good quality, fresh-roasted coffee, the right equipment can put you well on your way to brewing a great cup of coffee at home. We love talking coffee gear...feel free to contact us for further information or recommendations.

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While we are happy to grind any of our coffees to your grind preference, we will be the first to tell you that a grinder is the most important piece of equipment for making great coffee at home. It is even more important than the type of coffee maker you have. It's the fastest way to up your game at home! These are two excellent home grinders at two different price points. With just a little practice, you will dial in the perfect grind for your brewing preference.



Coffee is basically a two-ingredient product...coffee and water. The best way to insure the proper ratio of coffee to water is by weight rather than volume. If you want to brew a great cup of coffee at home, we recommend weighing your coffee and water. This is a great, inexpensive scale that will be an all-around good addition to your kitchen. 


This gooseneck kettle allows you to precisely control the rate of pour and lets you aim the water over the coffee. This is a necessary tool for manual brewing.

Drip Brewer

When it comes to automatic drip coffee makers, there are two big questions to ask. Does it get the water to the right temperature? Does it brew in the proper time period? We've personally been using this Bonavita for the last 6 months and it is fantastic! It heats the water very precisely and completes the brew cycle in about 6 minutes...which is just about perfect. One other great feature is that it has a pre-infusion mode for when you use very fresh coffee (like Dry Stack Coffee).

Pour Over/Manual Brew

Manual brewing is not only an immersive hands-on experience, but it allows you to precisely control the coffee-making process. There are many different pour over/manual brewers on the market. These are a couple of our favorites. 


French Press

A French Press is a great, almost rustic, way to make coffee. Essentially, you put coffee in, add water, let it steep, press and you're ready to go. This method produces a rich, full-bodied cup. We've given you a 17 and 34 oz choice.