Ethiopia Limu Natural

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Ethiopia Limu Natural


12 oz bags ONLY (no samples, not available in subscriptions)

Oromia is a renowned coffee region, with decades of experience in fine Arabica coffee production, on both private and publicly owned plantations. Much of the area is covered in forest, as well as rainforest, and coffee grows well protected under the tree canopies. 

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: sweet fruit, grape, berry 

Roast: Light

We are so excited to offer this spectacular coffee as a seasonal premium offering. This coffee from the Rada Coffee Plantation showcases the flavor profiles that fine Ethiopian coffees are known for. The sun dried natural processing intensifies notes of red fruits and berries The sweetness and body are balanced by a jammy acidity. 

*Orders placed by Sunday 5 pm will be delivered/shipped on Tuesdays; Orders placed by Wednesday 5 pm will be delivered/shipped on Fridays.

We prefer to deliver our coffee whole bean to you for maximum freshness. However, we will grind to your preference at your request.

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