Historically Bold

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Historically Bold

from 4.50

4 oz sample and 12 oz bags available

*for larger quantities, contact us for volume pricing

Our hometown of Danville is the birthplace of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Danville is a city that is known as a place where you can make your own history too. With this blend, we attempt to capture the essence of Danville and Boyle County Kentucky.

Blend of Coffees from: Peru, Colombia, Tanzania

Tasting Notes: Smooth and rich with notes of caramel with a hint of sweetness

Roast: On the dark side of medium

*Orders placed by Sunday 5 pm will be delivered/shipped on Tuesdays; Orders placed by Wednesday 5 pm will be delivered/shipped on Fridays.

We prefer to deliver our coffee whole bean to you for maximum freshness. However, we will grind to your preference at your request.

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